Henry Talbot

Henry Talbot

Sydney, Australia

This is an example page for our guides and experts to showcase specific areas of expertise they can share with travellers. Each expertise below links to a page where chat options can be selected and bought quickly and easily. Experts can also show if they are 'Available' for chat requests or can set their status to 'Gone Travelling'.

This long bio sections gives experts a chance to share their work background and the publications they have been featured in, the reach of their audiences and importantly the professional travel writing and blogging Associations they belong to.

Our goal at Nugggit is to help travellers get out of their comfort zone a little bit, whether that's exploring the back streets of Paris or diving the Galapagos. To do that we need our experts to give travellers the information and confidence to get off the beaten track and explore bravely.


Getting active on Sydney's Northern Beaches

Dee Why , Curl Curl , Manly , Sydney , New South Wales , Northern Beaches of Sydney
Hiking and Trekking , Beaches , Bars and Nightlife , Adventure and Outdoors , Diving and Snorkelling , Health and Wellness

This section is where I describe my expertise about the Places and Activities I've detailed above. Why I am well placed and well qualified to share my knowledge. How I can help travellers get off the beaten track, how I can tell them about the real gems they need to explore not necessarily the Top 10 things to do. 

The Mission of Nugggit is to help travellers Explore Bravely, to get out of their comfort zone just a little bit pursuing the activity they love to do. We've laid out in our blog why we love Exploring Bravely and why we believe it's important.

This section should also be used to tease the traveller about your depth of knowledge, just a little bit to make sure they want to dig deeper and get the real gems from the power of a conversation.

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United States

RV Roadtrip National Parks

Yosemite National Park , Glacier NP , Lake Tahoe , San Francisco , Yellowstone National Park , Oregon , California , The Grand Canyon , Grand Teton NP
RVing , Family Travel , Road Trip , Adventure and Outdoors

We took a 6 week 9000 KM trip around the national parks of the western USA. 

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